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January 23, 2019 Christine Nelson 0 Comments

Sure and many at this point have put into practice their marketing strategies for Christmas. But it is also true that many others have not yet found the way or have not worried about that.

The best ways to reach your customers is through email marketing. Although there are many ways to reach customers; This offers you the opportunity to interact more directly.

We provide you a series of tips to make your marketing strategies for Christmas successful. You can apply these tips through email marketing, and you will get excellent results.

Make a calendar: in this, you can place the most important dates of the time. After this, plan the offers and promotions that you can offer for those dates. This way you will not fail your customers.

Raise objectives: after you finish the calendar, you must set goals. This way you can determine what you want with the email marketing campaign. The following questions can be asked. What do you want to get? Is it useful for the business? How long should you apply the strategy?

The launch of the campaign: according to studies carried out, the best dates are between 15/11 and 15/12. Through email marketing, you can send promotions to your customers on these dates. It is never too late or too early to do it.

Types of marketing strategies for Christmas

Some of the best strategies can be the following:

Gifts and gifts: as we all know people love receiving gifts and gifts. In this season you can offer a product or service to your loyal customers. If you want to be successful in the present check the purchase history. This way you will realize what type of product you like.

Acknowledgments: the best thing you can do to build customer loyalty is by thanking you. We all are aware that the Christmas season is to be reconciled and above all to appreciate. Do not miss this opportunity and through email marketing, you offer thanks to all your customers.

Raffles: this kind of strategy has become a good luck charm. Not only at Christmas time, but also the rest of the year. There are different types of draws, but in recent times with the arrival of technology, these are better.

So there are many possibilities that email marketing offers to launch your Christmas campaign. Do not miss the opportunity and take all these tips into account.